Check it out! Band new DB, brand new code, new design, new player, new functionality!

Breaking News - this website is still brand new and the DNS entries still need to propagate. If you see the old white website, it’ll still the old one :), Voice of apollo’s page

What can you do with the new version?</p><ul><li> Review and Rate tracks </li>
<li> Upload Video to your page </li>
<li>Browse Tracks / Albums / Video </li>
<li> Not have to use windows media player to listen to tracks </li>
<li> Create playlists of artists </li>
<li> Subscribe to artists and have your own RSS feed </li>
<li> Upload photos and create galleries </li>
<li> Insert youtube videos and pics on the forum + on your artist profile </li>
<li> Recommend artists </li>
<li> Comment on other artists pages </li>
<li> View the gig guide </li></ul>
And lots of other things!