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New Dream Theater drummer - update

Ok, so after my "definitely it's most likely Minnemann" post, there's been a slight crack in my theory.

Hey everyone, it's spelt miNNemaNN. That's a whole lot of N's. It's going to take a while for everyone to get it right. Including me.

Turns out he might/sort of/kind not be available to record with DT in the studio right now.

Apparently Minnemann is recording with a band named Psyaxis, on Feb the 7th in Florida. But aren't DT meant to be recording their new album right now? Can they get it done before the 7th? I guess it's possible! But remember that Minnemann is a real studio recording drummer. If Psyaxis have all their stuff written he can probably record for them in a week or two and jump back to DT.

But further confusing the issue is the media release, which says that "Dream Theater's drummer Marco Minnemann is recording with Psyaxis". But he hasn't actually been confirmed yet. So is it a secretly recorded code? It is stupidity? Is someone just trying to mess with us? Is it a consipracy?

Unless all the rumours are wrong and it's actually Mike Mangini.

NO. I stand my ground. It's still Minnemann.

(PS: Hey, if you search for "Psyaxis Mineman" in google you get a googlewack because of the spelling error. Cool, that's my first one ever. But now thanks to this post it probably doesn't work anymore. )

anonymous: Nope, it's not Marco. He turned DT down.

I know it for sure.
7th of Jan, 2011

Lach: Well, it's a bit hard to be convinced by someone anonymous that you know 'for sure'..... so who is it then, Mr Anonymous?
7th of Jan, 2011

Still anonymous: I will tell you who I am after the announcement - you'll have a laugh because you'll understand how I know this for sure. :)

I do know who the new drummer is, but I do not want to spoil the surprise and it's not my place to blab it.

8th of Jan, 2011

Hugh: Still anonymous,

Can you tell us when the announcement will be?
8th of Jan, 2011

Lawler: 100% not Minnemann.
10th of Jan, 2011

garfield in oz: patience !!!

all will be revealed
12th of Jan, 2011

Pato: Well, MP posted this yesterday
17th of Jan, 2011