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German Toehider review translation

We have some nice reviews of the bands CD's in German over at Here's the english translation:

Bird's Robe Records: Toehider are the greatest rock band ever known!

With this self-confident statement and a big wink, bandleader, singer and guitarist Mike Mills describes his progressive-rock-band from Melbourne / Australia (Australia again?).

One probably has to imagine Mills as creative-insane. Who else would have the idea to record and release a full EP every month, in one year? These 12 EPs have in the meantime been distributed to the people on 2 CDs, but Mills wants more. With their debut-album, To Hide Her, (attention word-joke), Toehider publish their idea of timely progressive rock music. How it sounds? Eclectic, multi-layered, compact, different and very very happy. The boys are completely nuts, but are apparently in charge of - and furiously engaged with their instruments.

Style-limits are foreign to them, the majority of the songs are distributed - to simplify it - on furious hard-rock tracks with a Umphrey's McGee style magic, and more quiet, partly acoustic titles.

Apart from the instrumental cabinet-pieces, Mike Mills voice excites... ok, its high, but strong, secure and variable he sings his parts. The partly detailed vocal-arrangements (The Most Popular Girl In School - do I hear some Queen?) show class, and sing-writing talent. But fun is important to Mills - permanent-depressive spherical music is not his thing. Rock needs to be fun, and if it's done like Toehider, the listener will have a great time for sure. Currently the boys are on Australia Tour with Unitopa.

"To Hide Her" album review

This Australian formation seems crazy somehow, but interesting. The first track sounds like something out of a musical or cheap teen-film, in which the narrator reveals his love to the one he adores. But she's together with another guy, who in his eyes, is a total idiot. Funny, but believable.

The second song is something like a single album, and glam-rock influence are seen. This band, for sure has heard of "the darkness" or "queen", cause these compositions could without hesitation pass as a missing jewel of the brits. Even the choir-pieces can't be overheard, adding to the high pitch voice of band-leader Mike Mills.

It gets a bit more melodious with Daddy Issues, the song convinces with its nice piano-arrangements in the verse. The short intermezzo In this Time is flirting with folky motives.

The title-track is a driving Hard Rocker. Singer Mike Mills, proofs again what a great voice he has.
There's a ghost in the lake, too carries elements of melodious Hard Rock. Giants who walk with man convinces with a great chorus. The gemutlich Fireside unites bon-fire feeling with folk-songs. And "Everybody knows Amy", manages to trump with its creative, slightly-gone-mad lyrics.

Only the almost 7minute-long slightly-psychadelic noise-background at the end, leaves me questioning.

Summary: without doubt, Toehider's debut-album delivered an entertaining, dynamic Indie-album. Without any cliches, this slightly warped, but memorable album is fun listening to. (D. Eggenberger)