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Top 10 guitar solos of all time

A few days ago I saw this. And I think it's an abomination. I guess I deserve all that I get reading anything from the nme :)

So in an attempt to give a bit more credence to the guitarists who actually, you know, know how to play the guitar, here's the guitar solo's that I think really re-defined the art of the electric guitar.

1. Deep Purple - Lazy

In 1972 Deep Purple decided to record the rock album of all time. Every solo on this album is a killer, and every song is a killer. Deep purple have always been an amazing live band and this really shows up in their chemistry.

2. Eddie Van Halen - Eruption

In 1979 Eddie Van Halen exploded all over his first album and boy was this a stunner. For years nobody could work out how he did it and called him a cheat! But we know the truth.. the guy was a genius!

3. Yngie Malmsteen - Far Beyond the Sun

In 1984 Malmsteen released "Rising Force" and defined a new style of metal - neoclassical. Similar to Van Halen a lot of people thought that his records were sped up - how could anyone play that fast?

4. Joe Satriani - Crushing Day

In 1987 Joe Satriani sat down and recorded the epitome of instrumental rock. The classic "Surfing with the alien". Too many great solo's to choose from, so I'll go with "crushing day".

5. Steve Vai - The Animal

In 1990, Joe Satriani's former student Steve Vai released his second instrumental album. A landmark in sonic textures, alien sounds and amazing solo's, this album holds up to this day and still sounds fresh.

6. John Petrucci (Dream Theater) - Under a glass moon

In 1991 metal was almost dead. Which was a shame because Dream Theater went on to be one of the biggest metal/prog bands in the world, but at the time, this stuff was incredibly uncool!

Now without hearing the full song this solo won't make a lot of sense... so here's the full song. The solo is at 4:37.

Ok it can't be helped... here's the master playing the solo!

7. Greg Howe - Joker's Wild - 1995

By the mid 90's grunge was in full swing and nobody wanted to have a bar of instrumental rock! Luckily for us, Greg Howe continued to record and release album after album of incredible music. Howe's ability to shred over extended crazy chord changes just freaks me out. He's also super funky. Setting the scene for upcoming future shredders, Howe was doing it all first, years before anyone had caught up.

8. Ron Jarzombek (Spastic Ink) - 1997

Every now and again there comes along a new guitarist who will just blow you away. The next man on the scene was Ron Jarzombek, and boy will this guy will just make you laugh. Everything he does is clearly insane. It must also be mentioned that it's his brother Bobby on drums who delivers an amazing performance on this tune:

9. Guthrie Govan - Sevens

In the mid 2000's, this dude appeared on youtube. Pretty soon every guitarist in the world was saying "Who the hell is this guy?" and he became known as "that youtube guy". Expanding what could be done on the electric guitar, Guthrie has pushed the boundaries over what was previously believed to be possible. This is just one of his incredible songs, check out the improvised solo from 5:11 on:

10. Tosin Abasi - Wave of babies

In 2009 this was the most interesting thing that I'd heard in a long time. Tosin Abasi appeared out of nowhere and created an amazing sound!

So who's next?

Without having a crystal ball it's a bit hard coming up with who the next great guitarist will be of the 10's - but tell you what, Mattias has got to be a good bet.

And something extra... Steve Morse - Ted The Mechanic.

Steve Morse has done a million great solos so it's very hard to pick one. So here's something a bit out of left field - from Deep Purple's first album with Steve Morse, here's a rockin guitar solo.