Next weekend I'll be talking at DDD Melbourne on "How to be the best programmer in the word". This will be my first full length talk at a conference so I'm excited, nervous and happy all at the same time!

Trying to cover such a massive topic in 45 minutes is quite ambitious... to say the least. Obviously I won't be able to cover anything in any substantial detail, but I can hopefully point some people towards the right direction in where their next steps should be to improve their skills.

In the spirit of trying to be as organised as possible here's all of the links that I will mention in my talk:

And the most important link of all:

I'd love to hear from you to hear what I've missed - I'm sure the list will be huge! My advance apologies for missing things and for not covering important topics in enough detail. I'm sure that many people will have strong opinions on this topic, so I'd love to hear them, but let's keep it civil :) Just leave a comment below.