Let’s talk about how to mount a bike rack to a brick wall. I’m using a Handy Storage Bike Rack:

Handy Storage Bike Rack

The first step is to throw out the useless wall plug and screw that it came with:

Useless wall plugs

And instead, buy some 8x40mm dynabolts:

Dynabolt Plus 8mm by 40mm

Next step, remove the two allen key bolts, as they get in the way:

Bike Rack Bracket

You’ll end up with the bracket:

Bike Rack Bracket without hooks

Put it up against the wall and draw a dot inside each of the three holes:

Bike Rack Bracket against brick wall

You should end up with something like this:

Brick wall sharpie marks

And the next step is to drill out one of those holes. You’ll need a some masonry drill bits. You’ll also need a drill with a hammer action - I suggest getting a corded drill if you only have a battery operated one, as they have a lot more power.

You’ll also need to work out how far to drill in. The dynabolt needs to go in as far as the bolt on the end:

Drill bit against dynabolt

So to make sure you don’t drill in too far, line up the drill bit and the dynabolt, and you can either use a bit of tape around the drill bit to make sure you don’t go in too far, or in my case the drill that I’m using has a depth gauge:

Drill depth gauge and dynabolt

Now get yourself some protection. Ears, eyes, mouth and nose:

Ear, eyes, nose protection

Start with the smallest drill bit size (5mm) and get drilling. In my case I started with the bottom hole. Hopefully you’ll end up with a hole like this:

Brick wall small drilled hole

Now this is the crucial bit! Put the bracket over the hole that you just drilled and make sure things still line up:

Bracket against brick wall

If not, get out that sharpie again and create a new mark. Drill the top hole next, and then make sure the bracket holes still line up. In this case you can see that the middle hole was a tiny bit too high:

Bracket against brick wall holes

Now that we have three 5mm holes drilled, we need to expand them to fit the dynabolt. In this case, the 8mm dynabolt needs an 8mm drill bit:

8mm Drill bit and dynabolt

Let’s line them up to make sure. As you can see here, the bolt sticks out from behind the drill bit, and the drill bit is the same width as the sleeve bolt itself:

Dynabolt and drill bit aligned

Now that you’ve drilled the 8mm holes, take the bolts off the dynabolts:

Detached dynabolts

And attach them to the bracket. You only want to screw them on a little bit as shown here:

Dynabolts attached to bike rack bracket

Now line them up with your holes:

Bike Rack Bracket ready to attach to wall

And with a good old fashioned hammer, smack them in. Do each one 1 or 2cm at a time. Make sure to follow through with your hammer strokes! You should end up with the bracket against the bricks. Don’t stress if it’s not flush against the bricks. Now for the fun part. Using a wrench, tighten up those bolts. Go crazy!

Bike Rack Bracket attached to wall

Now re-attach the bike rack to the bracket using the allen key bolts, and voila, one bike rack!

Bike Rack attached to wall with bikes