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Twelve things about toehider

Now that Mike has finished with his maniacal journey of recording 12 ep's in 12 months, I thought I'd write my retrospective. BTW, we have a gig in two weeks.

1 - I first found out about Toehider by reading on the OzProg Template Forum that Mike was releasing a solo EP. I had known about his previous band "Template" - who I once went to see at DV8... except that we found out that they were scheduled to go on at 3 AM ! And me and my mate turned up at 9:00pm.... and we both had to work the next day... so we left. And never saw a Template gig! But we were both pretty annoyed, so I emailed Mike saying "What the hell" and he apologised. So I figured he must be a cool guy.

me and mike2 - After reading on OzProg that Mike planned on touring in Jan/Feb with a new band, I sent him a message saying "WOW YOU ARE AWESOME CAN I BE IN YOUR BAND PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE". Knowing that this probably made me seem like a freak with no credentials I learnt the hard parts in Jesuitmont and sent him a video of me playing it. Apparently it impressed him enough to schedule a meet up at a rehearsal room and where we worked out a few songs off the first original Toehider album. His vocals absolutely blew me away. Never have I met someone who can sing ...

that guy from australian idol

That idiot from australian idol Andrew G is actually the coolest guy in the world.

ARghgh! Impossible guitar part 1

Ok, so when Mike said "Can you have a shot at learning this new impossible guitar part? I can't play it" I really thought... hey, how hard can it be?

The answer? VERY HARD. I actually cut my finger trying to learn this.


Enter Sandman.. the jazz version

Smooth jazz version of enter sandman.


friend of a friend.. elliot mason.

I'm sick of things changing too. A friend of friend did this youtube video for one of his songs. I think it's great.


Input jack on guitar!

For the past couple of months my guitar has sounded dodgy, and it seems like I've always had a broken lead.

Then I finally twigged... maybe it's my input jack?

So I opened up my guitar and had a look... and found out it was rusted and stuffed!

The one on the top is the old one. You can see how it's all oxidised, and there's a big mark where the lead normally connects. The one on the bottom is the new input jack, which I bought from Jaycar for $2! Soldered it up, try to fit the thing back into my guitar... and the stupid thing doesn't fit!

So I went to the guitar store, found the proper Dimarzio one, which is practically the same, except it's $10. BOOOOO! But at least it fits. So I soldered it up:

et voila! Awesome.

I've got a new web friend...

Update - And also this guy and these guys too.

My new friend. (sorry... what a boring post). And maybe this guy too.

Read More -> profit...

Apparently my website is worth $2.39 a day. Cool! How do I get the money?

viral vids...

Forth update - forums. People dig this video on forums:, RuneVillage

Third Update - this time in french, which appeared after it was posted on smn news. And another in Greek.

Update... another review of the video and band... in Russian!

Original Post
I'm sure you all remember the "...but mostly metal" video .

Last week I emailed telling them about the youtube vid - looks like they've posted it - suddenly my views went up by 2000 on that day. Cool.

Then the next day it appears on a German site. Cool. If you speak german. Which I don't. But according to google translate it says:

"TOEHIDER from Australia just do wha...

Youtube has new URLs

Youtube now has shorter URLs. Eg:

Handy. Obviously they just bought the domain name and set up a redirect.

Am I the only one who finds it funny that it's 2009 (almost 2010) and we're still trying to cut down on bytes? I mean really... these shorter URLs save about 15 characters.