I’ve started playing “Hottest Dance Party 3” on the wii. It’s a bit of fun. Quite impressed with this track, the chord progressions are great and the instrumentation is very cool.

Here’s the chart:

Verse 1

It's 5AM, now it's time to get out of bed

Another day is ready to start again

The shower's running, The coffee is burning now

E                                      A  G  F#7
Gotta get out the door in time for the train

Verse 2

Cell phone is ringing, the message is coming in

The traffic's jammed,  now let's see who is gonna win. yeah the

G              A                    Bsus4              B7 
game is on, if you are strong and   you wanna play...


                Em                   F#/Bb
No one said the race would be just a piece of cake

F#m                  B7
Work your way to the top! You've got to

Em                       E
Put in the time pay your dues

           A                 F#/Bb 
The corner office is there,  Waiting for you!


Emaj7					Eb7             	
You, yeah, you are a star there's no mistaking you will

Abmsus4               F#m  B7
Make it to the end!        I know you've   

Emaj7                  Eb7
got what it takes to believe in yourself 

Abm                 F#m           B7
You will never give in,    you're a star!
Emaj7                              F#
No one else in the world could replace the way you smile

Ebm          F#m      B7         Emaj7
The way you look when you're inspired

                Ebm      Abm
I know you will shine no matter what you will face

'Cause you're are a star!


Bm x6  

F#m7 x2