I recently gave a talk (over zoom) about moving your Asp.Net Framework application to .NET Core. After moving a bunch of my own applications, I realised that there was an easy road to take, and a hard road to take. Moving your application doesn’t have to be a dangerous experiment. By slowly moving your application across, one class at a time, you can make life easy for yourself and your users.

If you’re interested in this topic or need to do it yourself I run a workshop titled Porting Your Framework App To Dotnet Core. It’s pretty good fun, and in it I cover a bunch of stuff:

  • The difference between Full-Framework, Core and Dotnet Standard
  • Slowly migrating your code to dotnet standard
  • Migrating from Entity Framework to EF Core
  • Wrapping full-framework only libraries
  • Bundling and minifying your javascript and css
  • HtmlHelpers and TagHelpers
  • Error handling
  • Caching
  • Antiforgery Tokens
  • WebApi
  • Moving parts of your web ASPNET application to dotnet core
  • Avoiding the most common pitfalls and traps