Electron App Vs Native Winforms App

Like many other software developers I have a bunch of CI jobs that I need to monitor. If any of these jobs are failing I don't want to update my code and break everything. Recently I've been using an app named Catlight. It works great, it's simple, it looks nice:... [Read More]

I Suck You Suck We All Suck At Coding

Programming is hard, but us programmers never like to admit it. Except for the wonderful Scott Hansleman who wrote this fantastic article. And on a similar note. And a good explanation on why we are all so grumpy. [Read More]

Toehider Gig With Gibson Les Paul

A few weeks back we did a great gig at the Ding Dong lounge. I borrowed my brother's Gibson Les Paul for a couple of songs and it ROCKED. I have to say.. I'm pretty darn proud of my solo in this video! [Read More]
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Speaking At Ndc Sydney

In a couple of months I'll be speaking at NDC Sydney - my topic is "How to change things at your company" - a lightning talk on how to enact change. This is a non technical talk, which is fantastic, because I don't fancy having to answer technical questions from... [Read More]

Using Nuget To Manage Shared Code

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Within your organisation you probably have shared code that is common across multiple projects? You know, code that does boring stuff like sending an email, error message logging or generating a nice bit of HTML. [Read More]
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