Modernising Church Worship Music Vs Keeping It Traditional

Mark Peterson recently wrote an article titled Contemporary v Traditional: 8 reasons it’s hard to choose. I’d like to comment on this issue as it is one that is very close to my heart!To be upfront - I play guitar. Not wimpy acoustic guitar, but screaming 80’s metal guitar. I... [Read More]

I Did A Great Prank Yesterday.

A collegue at work has started a war.It started when he changed my name in my outlook address book to be spelt wrong. This really annoyed me, so I repeated the favour on his machine, except I put in an extra name into his address book (his middle name which... [Read More]

New Website

Check it out! Band new DB, brand new code, new design, new player, new functionality!Breaking News - this website is still brand new and the DNS entries still need to propagate. If you see the old white website, it’ll still the old one :), Voice of apollo’s pageWhat... [Read More]

Voice Of Apollo Gig

Last Tuesday my band Voice Of Apollo played a gig at Revolver Upstairs. I had the usual dramas; when we were setting up my amp kept on showing “er”. It’s never done that before, so I was really panicking. Turns out it was because I had it plugged into the... [Read More]

Petrucci Clinic Photos

Petrucci Clinic!Here’s a couple of pics from the Petrucci clinic, which was last night. I’ll post about it later.Petrucci playing his new prototype: (different pickups, and made out of a combination of basswood and maple)Amplifiers with La Rue’s in the middle, about ten grands worth here (at least):Craig (bass player... [Read More]

G3 Australia Melbourne Show Movies Pictures And Reviews

G3 Australia! Youtube video and pics!Petrucci kicked the show off with Damage Control - and boy did it rock. Awesome sound, brilliant playing, great songs. Portnoy was sick as always and LaRue completely rocked. Petrucci was definitely ‘on’ tonight (he’s never off, really) and seemed determined to give us Aussies... [Read More]

Everything Else Vs

Today I stumbled across a bit of VB.NET code that used the andalso keyword. If you're anything like me (unlikely, but possibly likely), you'll probably take a second glance. [Read More]

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